• We handle casing and tubing running using industrial best equipment, graduate operators with sound mind and rigorous training aimed at optimizing running time.
  • Our objective is to bring class into this area of industry service all aimed primarily to put smiles on the faces of our clients.
  • Enough casing running spares and consumables stock to last more than two years of non-stop operations.
  • We have developed technical partnership with major service operators to back us up when technology of the client demands that.
  • More than 30 years experience easily come to play in terms of input in well planning meeting and operations.
  • Competitive pricing and job execution methodology exceeding clients expectation.


We have chains of experienced personnels in the various fields of Engineering,geophysics and ICT that propel our company's drive to a wholistic delivery of jobs within stipulated time and needs.

Over the years, we have consistently maintained our company's reputation through consistency, effectiveness and hard work. This has kept us on the prime list of most respected indigeniuos drilling firms. With you joining our links of clienttel, we are bound to do more...